Are you experienced?/How much experience do you have?

Yes. Very experienced!  Having performed at and hosted live events for over a decade we have more experience than can be summed up in just a few paragraphs.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes.  All our systems have redundancies.  We can even provide our own power.

Do you have backup DJ’s in case of an emergency?

Yes. We have good relationships with a handful of other local DJ companies.  

Is the price of your services a good value?

Absolutely!  Our rates are very near the average.  There is nothing “average” about or service.  We are one of the very best!  KC DJ Services is probably the best value around.  

What type of equipment will you provide?

Modern, current, contemporary, up to date, and appropriate.  We use equipment from reputable brands with which we have much experience. It is always clean and properly functioning.

Are you familiar with many types of music? Can we give you a request list?

Yes.  We are familiar with lots of music.  Having been in the business of performing live music we played everything from Abba to ZZ Top…the Beatles to Britney.  If there are certain songs you do or don’t want to hear we can make that happen.

Do you provide references from recent customers?

Yes.  Just check out our Facebook page.

Can I meet with the DJ who will host our event?

Yes.  More than likely Rocco will be your host/DJ.

Do you provide me with a contract?

Yes. We work by contract.

How do I pay for service?

Cash, Check, or Charge

Do you have lots of wedding experience?

Yes.  And not just from the perspective of a DJ.

How good is your sound quality?

Fantastic.  As a performing musician sound quality is PARAMOUNT.

Can you follow and carry out our wedding plans?

Yes.  We will work together to plan out the who, what, where, and when.  We make sure everything happens in a timely manner and goes to plan.

Are you good on the microphone? How are you as an M.C.?

We are outstanding on the mic!  No group is too large or small.  Hosting your event is what we do.  Planning the work and working the plan.

Is there a microphone for us to use?

Yes.  Wireless or wired.  With backups.

What if I want my reception to be lots of fun?

We are fun experts.  We know how to add exciting details to each part of your reception.  Most of our brides and grooms list “fun” as the most important part of their reception.

How do you dress?

We dress in a manner that is appropriate for the event.  Formal, Semi formal, or casual.  We have even come in costume to certain themed events.  (These are usually quite entertaining)

Do you have lights or special effects?

Yes. We have plenty of lights to make your dance floor pop.  We also offer up lighting for an additional charge.