Rocco Morando is a fabulous and exciting entertainer, whether its just him doing an acoustic set or him in the DJ booth you will not be disappointed with his performance..  He brings an energy and professionalism to his job that certainly stands out…  I highly recommend Rocco,  he was integral part of the success I had as Owner of a Johnson County Bar @Grill…He was a Regular part of my lineup for years..    Rocco makes any party better..  I highly recommend him..
Darin Seck
Owner:  Spivey’s Bar @ Grill

“We thought we could get away with just a play list at our wedding but we quickly found out that there was just too much going on to keep track to that on top of everything else.  Rocco bailed us out and was an all star along the way.  We can’t recommend him enough.”  
Reid and Amanda Cox